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Pet Story | May 31, 2012

The Misunderstood Pet

Did you know that according to the American Humane Association, June is Adopt-A-Cat month?

Did you know that every minute approximately four cats are euthanized in “shelters” all across the U.S.?

Did you know that according to dog owners, cats are unworthy to be called “pets”? People who consider themselves “dog people” believe their pups think of them as “family” – and the feeling is mutual. But there is a long standing joke describing cats as believing themselves to be superior to mere humans, therefore relegating cat-parents to the position of “servant”. Just be careful you don’t tell that joke to a cat-person.

Once in a blue moon you may find a cat-parent that will admit to the occasional Bastet (cat-god of the ancient Egyptians) but most will talk your arm off about how enriched their little ball of fur has made their lives.

I am no exception, so don’t get me started. Once, I considered myself a “dog-person” – more specifically a “big-dog-person” but when my cat is sitting in my lap, purring, or playing “tag” with me (she really does), I find it difficult to make a distinction. (I also consider myself a “horse-person” when around horses – after all we did judge and show horses for 4-H, and raised rabbits, and . . .)

If you consider adopting a cat this month (or any pet) be sure you are in it for the long haul. Shelters are overrun with pets whose owners have given them up. Problems can arise with any pet but there is a world of information to help you solve any issue.

In honor of Adopt-A-Cat month, I will be posting tips on feline care. I will also be posting pictures and stories. If you would like to share yours send me an email and we can all partake in the wonderful experience of cats.

It’s medically proven that owning a pet can reduce high blood pressure in the people that own them. Therefore, sometimes when adopting a cat from a shelter, the life you save may not only be theirs.

I’ve done my part. Meet the newest member of my family, Seraphim.

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