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Pet Health | June 12, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

This article will depart slightly from Focus on Felines as it concerns dogs too. (Be sure to read to the end of the article for a special announcement.)

In this geographic area and at this time of year, pet owners are concerned about the adverse effect the soaring summer temperatures may have on their pets, specifically cats and dogs. I know every pet parent realizes the importance of providing plenty of water, and for outside pets, plenty of shade. Indoor pets may also have an increase in their environmental Fahrenheit as we all try to keep electric bills lower by raising the indoor thermostat. But for the house cat or dog, this is seldom a problem, even if your pet has long hair.

Think about it: How often do you see your dog or cat lying in a patch of sunlight? Although you may feel the increase in the summer climate, the body temperature of most pets is slightly higher than ours. Cats especially will revel in the heat of a sunlit window sill. And in older pets, a little extra heat can feel good on achy joints.

Well-known TV physician, Dr. Oz, found this subject important enough to air a segment on this topic earlier this week. On this program they discussed the issue of shaving a pet for the summer. The veterinarian Dr. Oz had as a guest on his show mentioned that the pets’ fur can act as insulation. As I have a dog with extremely thick fur, I had already discussed this very subject with my vet. He told me that my dog could get sunburned skin if I shaved her fur.

Before you decide to shave your dog or cat be sure you talk to your vet – not your groomer – and take these things into consideration.

However, to help with your heat dilemma (and because it was welcomed so warmly last year – pun intended) The Furry Godmother will once again commemorate the Dog Days of Summer with a special discount. If you are a registered client with The Furry Godmother Petsitting Service and have an outdoor dog (or dogs) our exclusive plan is made just for you. Are you concerned that your dog may need extra water? Do they need to be let into an air conditioned area? If so, The Furry Godmother is offering a 50% discount off the standard fee to check on your dog and assure their needs are met to help beat the summer heat. Call, text or email for details.

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