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Personalized In-Home Care

We provide personalized at-home visits for your pets.

I will NOT take care of your pets like they were my own; I take care of them the way YOU want them cared for. I write detailed instructions per your wishes. I can take your dog for a walk, change kitty litter, give fresh water and food, and more. Playtime, grooming, snuggle time or other activities are my favorite part, and are tailored to your pet’s likes.

I can make as many or as few visits per day as you request.  I can perform daily visits (for the busy professional with long working hours) to give your pet some loving attention and a chance to go potty. Once a relationship is established with The Furry Godmother, I can provide last minute emergency visits, like when you wind up staying away longer than planned and your pet needs to go out or be fed. I can also do “overnights” so that your pets are not alone at night. This also provides extra security for your home.

I can water indoor or outdoor plants (within limits), turn radios or TV’s on and off, vary lighting, bring in mail, newspapers and trash cans.

My goal for you is to give you peace of mind when you can’t be home with your ‘babies’. My motto is ‘everything your pet could wish for but you’.

Advantages Over the Kennel

With today’s busy lifestyle, people would rather not impose on a neighbor or family member to watch their pets while they are away. This can cause resentment or even ruin a friendship over a pets care (or lack of it), and who knows if you can trust the neighborhood kid.

While some kennels are famous for their decor – offering scenes from the beach or exotic vacations in Paris, some are just plain scary. Your pet could be locked in a cage for 24 hours at a time, lying in their feces. Even if the lobby looks nice, make a spot visit to the kennel area in the back before you decide if your pet would be happy.

Your pet does not care if they are sleeping at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, they would rather be in their own bed. With petsitting, that is exactly where they sleep. When you hire a petsitter, your pets stay in their own familiar surroundings – at home. They eat their own food, drink their own water, are more comfortable and secure, less likely to become ill or return home with an infestation. Your home is also more secure as we will be seen coming and going from your residence.

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