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Uncategorized | September 30, 2010

New Life for Rescued Pet and Family

zoe-and-zeta-kI love it when one of my families adopt a new member – especially if they had lost one after many years of care. This is the case with the family whose message follows. You may remember my post several months ago about little Ava. This is her family.

Dear Family and Friends,

After a few months of combing through photos on petfinder.com and a week of corresonding with the Forgotten Friends Rescue Leage in Austin TX, we are happy to announce that we have, once again, added to our K9 family and have adopted a beautiful little Silky Terrier whom her foster family was calling Skye. Although her beginnings are unknown, she appears to be in very good health and her foster family reported that outside of needing a good grooming when she came to them, she doesn’t appear to have been on her own for very long. At approximately 12 pounds, and perhaps 3-4 years old, she is the perfect age, size and weight to be a good companion dog for our little Zoe. Below is the photo of her that was posted on petfinder.com and I have attached a few we have taken since then:

Isn’t she beautiful!!! She has a quiet and cautious disposition and seems to be very smart–with a subtle stubborn streak as well. I think she is still checking us out and trying to figure out what on earth has happened to her over the last couple of months!

Although it has taken a few weeks to name her (and thank you to everyone who offered suggestions), we have decided on Zeta (Zey-tuh). Zeta is the 6th letter of the Greek alphabet and has a numerical value of 7. Zeta happens to be our 7th dog, and, as some of you know, the number 7 is woven into my life in many places! So, Zeta it is! Besides, Zoe and Zeta has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

And, best of all, she and Zoe are getting along very well. Zeta has helped herself to toys from Zoe’s toy basket and has played with them at all some point or another. Sometimes they chase the same toy and sometimes they are both playing with different toys. And, sometimes, they forget about the toys and just chase each other around the room. We are amazed to see that Zeta is faster than our Zoe is and after a few laps around the sofa, Zoe will take a short cut through the center of the room to catch up with Zeta. It is such a joy to watch them play!

We are all very happy to have this new addition to our family and hope that you will be able to come by for a visit to meet her for yourself!

Judy and Michael

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