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Pet Story | December 13, 2010

Why Dogs Bite People at Christmas

Earlier in the month, I posted a group of pictures that had been emailed to me. The title of these photos were “Why Dogs Bite People.” Each of these 16 pictures depicted dogs dressed and posed in various costumes. They were very funny so I shared them with my Facebook friends on my Furry Godmother account. (If you are a member of Facebook, you can see it here)

As well as posting them on Facebook, I also shared them with some of my petsitting customers by email. One of my clients responded with a message they titled “Why Dogs Bite People at Christmas.” In the message, they sent pictures of their four Springer Spaniels whom I have sat with many times in the last year. When their parents are out of town (the people parents to the dogs) I spend the night with this family of four. They have become very dear to me. This is why I MUST share their photos with all of you. Enjoy.

(Click on images to enlarge)

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