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Pet Story | March 25, 2011

Cats Behaving Badly

Dr. Jane wrote a nice article about how to handle cats that like to misbehave. I have found in very informative and would like to share it with all of you.

As a holistic vet, I’m frequently asked, “How can I deal with my cat’s bad attitude?” The problem area dubbed “feline aggression” can be complicated, upsetting and potentially hazardous for pet parents. Not only can cat bites and scratches really hurt, they can transmit diseases, too, such as cat scratch fever (yes, it is real). While most cat moms and dads prefer a purring lap-warmer, especially on cold winter nights, some felines need extra help learning how to sheathe their claws.

Unfortunately, feline aggression is not well understood or handled appropriately. An important first step in dealing with this frustrating issue is to understand the behavior. Learning why a cat lashes out can help pet parents deal with the issue patiently and properly.

In this post I’ll be covering the five basic types of aggression in cats.

Read the article in full >>>

Pet Story | January 27, 2011

My Mom is Being Deployed

mombeingdeployedThe Furry Godmother is very pleased to have played a part in the touching story posted on FaceBook called, “My Mom is Being Deployed and I Will Be Homeless.” After reading the story, Judy, The Furry Godmother, forwarded it to a family that already has a house full of Springers.

Their response was, “What’s one more? We want to do our part to help support our service people.” Genie and David contacted Heather, Penny’s “mom”, and the rest of the story is still in the making.

The family that will be taking in Penny, is the same family that sent the photos posted on the Furry Godmother FaceBook page called “Why dogs bite people at Christmas”. The Furry Godmother has been petsitting for this family for over a year, spending the night with the four dogs when their parents are out of town. David and Genie have a true heart for dogs and especially for the Springer Spaniel breed. I love happy endings.

“Heather brought Penny over last Sunday. Everything went well. No growls and lots of playing in the back yard. Freddie is such a goof ball and really only interested in napping. Charlie and Rosie are so into the ball as is Penny. For those three, it was all bout the ball. Ginger was polite, but she may get a little possessive of David. I don’t expect any real trouble. Heather will be bringing Penny today with all of her toys and bedding. She wanted a week to say goodby. I’ll let you know what life is like with 5 dogs.” – Genie

Pet Story | December 13, 2010

Why Dogs Bite People at Christmas

Earlier in the month, I posted a group of pictures that had been emailed to me. The title of these photos were “Why Dogs Bite People.” Each of these 16 pictures depicted dogs dressed and posed in various costumes. They were very funny so I shared them with my Facebook friends on my Furry Godmother account. (If you are a member of Facebook, you can see it here)

As well as posting them on Facebook, I also shared them with some of my petsitting customers by email. One of my clients responded with a message they titled “Why Dogs Bite People at Christmas.” In the message, they sent pictures of their four Springer Spaniels whom I have sat with many times in the last year. When their parents are out of town (the people parents to the dogs) I spend the night with this family of four. They have become very dear to me. This is why I MUST share their photos with all of you. Enjoy.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Uncategorized | December 8, 2010

Southern Scotts

D'arcyBrody and D’arcy are two of the babies I get to see almost every day. D’arcy is 4 years old. She LOVES squeekey things and chasing squirrels. She also likes her tummy rubbed, and as you can see from the picture, rolling in the grass.

Her brother, Brody, is an 8 year old Scott that wouldn’t dream of being so undignified as to stoop to having his tummy rubbed. But (like so many men) the way to this handsome boy’s heart is through his tummy – with treats.

BrodyWith Brody, I can’t get him to stay outside long enough for his afternoon potty break because he knows he gets a treat when he comes back in. D’arcy is difficult to get to come IN because she might miss the squirrel.

They are a great couple of kids that make me laugh. I am happy to have them as friends.

Uncategorized | November 16, 2010

Guide Dog Update

Thanks to a generous supporter who read the article about Harriet, the guide dog, The Seeing Eye received an anonymous donation for $2,000 in Harriet’s Dittman’s name. What a wonderful gift for the season of Thankgiving!

It’s not too late if you want to make a difference. Give to The Seeing Eye 1-800-524-8835.

Uncategorized | October 22, 2010

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

drsarahRepeated head shaking. Foul-smelling, waxy build-up. Red, painfully inflamed ears. What do all these things have in common?

Dr. Sarah reveals the steps to safe and effective ear cleaning to promote overall ear health.

Uncategorized | October 13, 2010

Service Dog with a Servant’s Heart

coast-guard-041It is with a heavy heart that I forward this memorial letter from my friend, Robert Dittman about the passing of his guide dog, Harriet. A photo of Robert and his veterinarian companion, Mary Kate is attached. Unfortunately, although I have seen Robert and Harriet together often, I never took their picture. Those who wish may donate in Harriet’s name to “The Seeing Eye” 1800 524 8835 so the dream of seeing eye dogs can continue into the future.

Harriet was born at the Seeing eye October 31st, 1994 and became my first guide on September 26th 1996. She lead a life full of adventure and loved her work spending twelve years on active duty as a Seeing eye dog retiring in 2007. I would like to share some memories of her if you will permit me. Read the rest here »

Uncategorized | September 30, 2010

New Life for Rescued Pet and Family

zoe-and-zeta-kI love it when one of my families adopt a new member – especially if they had lost one after many years of care. This is the case with the family whose message follows. You may remember my post several months ago about little Ava. This is her family. Read the rest here »

Uncategorized | September 16, 2010

Missing Sparky

sparky-surfAll too often the worst email a petsitter gets from a client is the one that notifies of a pet passing. While these little guys and gals are not mine (technically) I get so fond of them it’s difficult for me to even write this memorial.

Today I want to tell you about a very special little Jack Russel named Sparky Zimmerman. I could tell you that after 13 years on this world, on Tuesday morning Sparky passed into the many treed, fire hydrant decorated, green fields of doggie heaven due to a respiratory illness. But I would rather tell you about this gentle and sweet little guy that loved to sit in my lap and be petted. Who always greeted me with a wagging tale, ready for a walk. Read the rest here »

Uncategorized | September 14, 2010

Pet Separation Anxiety

puppysatgateIt isn’t just children who suffer from the back to school blues—pets can suffer too. After a long, fun summer, an empty house can be a difficult adjustment for pets.

Pet Sitters International advises pet owners to become familiar with the signs of pet separation anxiety and how it can be treated.

Read the entire article >>>

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